Business Group Promises 300,000 Job Openings If Trump Enforces Immigration Laws

A lobbying group for wealthy investors predicts that 300,000 new jobs will be opened for Americans and legal immigrants in the months up to the November 2018 election if Congress allows enforcement of existing immigration laws.

The group’s promise of 300,000 open jobs recognizes that employers must hire Americans and legal immigrants as Trump gradually ends the DACA amnesty created by former President Barack Obama. Roughly 300,000 of 690,000 illegals will lose their temporary work permits by November, and the remaining permits will expire in 2018

However, the investors’ group portrays the 300,000 job openings as a problem, in part, because it is trying to win a strategic victory in immigration policy.


Business groups, including the group — whose founders includes Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg — are using the DACA controversy to distract media and congressional attention from Trump’s popularpro-employee immigration principles. If Trump signs a congressional no-strings amnesty for the DACA recipients, he will have abandoned his immigration principles.

That strategic defeat will allow lobbyists to push Congress to next raise the supply of young white-collar visa workers — such as H-1B workers, OPT graduates and L-1 visa workers — who can help lower salaries for middle-aged American tech workers and of legal immigrants. Any increase in the white-collar labor supply is likely to reduce labor costs, freeing up revenues to spike profits and investors’ returns.

Already, the various visa programs keep 1 million foreign white-collar workers employed in varied work-sites at universities, fashion companies, engineering firms, computer firms, pharmacies, and hospitals. director Todd Schulte described the group’s priorities in November 1 tweet.



The visit is expected to showcase a few of the successful DACA illegals, even though a new report by the pro-immigration Migration Policy Institute shows that the DACA illegals have a college graduation rate that is one-fourth that of similar-aged Americans. The broader group of 3 million young illegals, dubbed “dreamers” by Democrats and business groups, has a college graduation rate that is one-tenth of the same-age American graduation rate. The vast majority of DACA beneficiaries and “dreamers” work in jobs sought by blue-collar Americans, including whites, African Americans, and legal-immigrant Latinos.

The cheap white-collar labor policy is backed by many tech companies, including IBM.