PARTY’S OVER: Shocking New Poll Reveals The End For Dems And PROVES America Follows Trump

You can only hide the truth for so long. You can dress it up, disguise it, or even manipulate the content completely, but eventually people find their way to the facts. Even in the absence of evidence, Americans have a keen intuition when it comes to deception, and the left’s classic tricks have now grown painfully stale.

According to a poll released Tuesday, the Democratic Party has dropped to the lowest approval rating in more than twenty-five years of polling. The report shows over 54% of Americans are furious with the Dems, matching the lowest numbers from polls by CNN/ORC and CNN/USA Today/Gallup dating back to 1992. In addition, only 37% of Americans view the Democratic Party favorably. This includes nonwhites, who only gave a 48% positive rating, and people under 35, who gave an even lower rating of 33%. This is crippling news for the DNC, who rely heavily on both these constituent groups.