IT’S HAPPENING! Seconds After Revealing His Plan To GUT Obamacare, Trump Said Something That Stunned Congress

Unlike Congress, President Trump is tired of playing games with American families. He wants us safe, healthy, and fully prepared for life’s many surprises. He’s tired of arguing petty details with career politicians while this country could be marching forward, and he’s tired of compromising with selfish men and women.

The good news? Those days are done.

President Trump is now fully prepared to destroy Obamacare by executive order. That means if both Dems and Republicans don’t make good on their pledge to repeal the individual mandate that forces Americans to purchase health insurance, President Trump will be forced to take over completely.

The White House Office of Management and Budget has readied the executive order and the action immediately caught the attention of Congress. House Speaker Paul Ryan saidSunday that GOP members have recently toyed with the idea of repealing the mandate through their tax bill, but as expected, Ryan wouldn’t reveal where he stands.

The mandate has remained the least popular feature of the Affordable Care Act and nearly every Republican pushed to repeal and replace Obamacare in 2017. Unfortunately for American citizens, that hasn’t been enough to make it happen. But if President Trump moves forward with the executive order, his administration would stop collecting penalties from people who choose NOT to buy health insurance. In layman’s terms, Americans would stop being penalized for making the choice to forego coverage. This is big news for struggling families, especially when the Congressional Budget Office reports that the average penalty is $695 per adult or 2.5% of income.

Want more good news?

The CBO also projects that repealing this single mandate would leave 15 million fewer Americans without health insurance.

It’s no wonder why President Trump has maintained his stance on Obamacare. Nothing about Obama’s attempt at socialized medicine is good for this country and now’s the time to let it die. If this nation wants to continue moving forward and achieving greatness, we need to follow a man who wants nothing less.

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