Church Shooter Fell for Liberal Media’s Anti-Conservative Scare Tactics

Dangerous rhetoric and narratives, when repeated over and over, have an impact on fragile individuals — and it’s completely possible that anti-conservative scare tactics played a role in Sunday’s shocking church shooting.

The left has repeatedly accused conservative culture and commentary of being some sort of “dog whistle” for the unhinged.

There are numerous examples of this claim: The Gabby Giffords shooting was encouraged by “target” icons on an unrelated flier, liberals falsely reported. Donald Trump is somehow enabling white supremacists and secretly giving signals to the KKK, or so the accusation goes — never mind that the Klan is historically Democrat.

Now, after years of finger-pointing at conservatives, the liberal media wants to pretend that the influence of narratives isn’t a two-way street.

In reality, they themselves have been peddling blatantly anti-Christian, anti-white, and anti-conservative propaganda for years — and if people are as easily influenced as liberals claim, militant screwballs like the Texas shooter are clearly able to be motivated by those leftist scare tactics.

Exhibit A: The Huffington Post. This outlet has long been the media darling among liberals, but a glance at the news magazine’s recent headlines shows exactly how appalling its anti-conservative fear mongering has become.

On Sunday, a lone gunman in Texas specifically targeted a mostly white Christian church. The county is strongly pro-Trump. The shooters social media pages highly suggest that he was an atheist who had a disdain for religious conservatives. Do you think left-wing narratives could have influenced him?

Huffington Post, August 2017: “Is The White Church The AntiChrist?”

Article summary: White church-goers are evil racists and a white congregation is the closest thing to the Antichrist that currently exists.

Huffington Post, June 2017: “Texas Gives The Green Light to Racial Profiling”

Article summary: Texans support Jim Crow laws, hate people of color, and are racist.

Huffington Post, June 2017: “White People: Which Side Are You On?”

Article summary: White people are significantly racist, and must be stopped. Trump is a neo-Nazi. We must be “anti-racist,” pick sides and fight against “white supremacists,” who voted for Trump.

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Huffington Post, March 2017: “Anti-Atheist Terrorism: A New Threat”

Article summary: Atheists are literally under attack around the world. We need “freedom from religion,” and religious people are the enemy.

Take all of these fear-mongering articles — and countless others like them — and put them together. Suppose for a moment that a person truly believed them and saw them as a call to action.

“Conservative Christians are the enemy. Texas is a cesspool of racism. It’s atheists versus the church — now pick a side and take dramatic action to stop them before it’s too late!”

These far-left talking points are meant to be taken seriously… otherwise, why publish them? What is the point of breathlessly shrieking that white churchgoing Trump voters are the enemy unless rags like HuffPost truly believe it?

Impressionable and unhinged readers believed it, too. It’s an age-old tactic: Paint your opponents as inhuman “others” who must be destroyed, and then stand back as your followers wreak havoc.

So far this year, conservatives have been targeted and shot in Washington, D.C., Las Vegas, and now near San Antonio, Texas.

Blame lies with the finger that pulled the trigger… but it’s time to face the fact that alarmist left-wing propaganda and fear mongering has consequences.

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