After Liberal Outcry School Is Renamed After Obama – See Why More And More Schools Are Following In This Vile Trend

It would appear under the guise of “social justice” another institution is under attack. This time the victim is Davis International Baccalaureate Elementary School in Jackson, Mississippi, for having the audacity of being named after Jefferson Davis, the “white” Confederate President.

And although the Civil War ended over 150-years ago, uniting both the United States of America along with the Confederate States of America, for many within the African-American community the war still rages on within their hearts, attempting to obliterate history at any cost by purposely dismantling a vital piece of our collective heritage, and what makes us uniquely American.

The siege began with self-proclaimed communists and radical leftists in Durham, North Carolina pulling down a Confederate statue outside the Durham County Courthouse which stood at that site since 1924, and continued across America with elected leftist officials proclaiming that Confederate monuments and symbols be dismantled, while the mayor of Baltimore rushed through an emergency decree to have the statute of Robert E. Lee which stood on sight in downtown Baltimore for countless decades suddenly removed in the dead of night.

This latest obliteration of America’s heritage is the brainchild of Janelle Jefferson the president of the PTA who announced at a board meeting on Tuesday plans to change the school name from the Confederate President Jefferson Davis to former President Barack Obama.

Apparently the term “white privilege” dubbed by the radical left is an excellent cover for reverse discrimination among the better than the 98% of African-American students enrolled at the Davis International Baccalaureate Elementary School.

Jefferson went on to explain how each student participated within the 3-week process, which eventually led to a final vote. Students in each class, from kindergarten through fifth grade, conducted research and presented it at a school assembly. At which point both fourth and fifth graders oversaw the entire election process, as the entire student body including teachers and administrative staff cast their paper ballots, even parents were encouraged to vote on campus or absentee ballot.

“We wanted to be very inclusive and transparent in the process to be fair, to make sure everybody felt like they had a voice,” Jefferson said.

And yet one might argue that it’s those very monuments and institutions that are being dismantled that actually proclaim our inclusiveness and transparency which are under attack by individuals like Jefferson herself.

Do you believe historic monuments and institutions will continue being destroyed by the unhinged left?