ABSURD: Big 3 news networks IGNORE Donna Brazile’s Clinton bombshell…

Degenerate moran Donna Brazile admitting Hillary Clinton had rigged the election against Bernie Sanders was one of the biggest stories this week, but you wouldn’t know if you watched the big 3 news networks.

From Fox News:

Disgraced former CNN contributor Donna Brazile made explosive allegations that the Democratic National Committee basically rigged the 2016 primary in Hillary Clinton’s favor, but ABC, NBC and CBS’ evening newscasts failed to cover it.

On Thursday, after CNN and Fox News both covered the Brazile claims, CBS opened with details on the deadly ambush in Niger, while NBC and ABC both opened with the proposed tax cut.


“NBC Nightly News” didn’t cover the scandal on Thursday, but it was mentioned Friday morning on the “Today” show. A network insider told Fox News that the story is on the rundown for Friday’s edition of “Nightly News.”

ABC and CBS did not immediately respond to request for comment regarding why they failed to cover the bombshell, but Media Research Center News Analyst Nicholas Fondacaro has a theory.

“They didn’t want to ruin their narrative that Clinton was a pure angel who was a victim of Donald Trump and Russian collusion,” Fondacaro wrote.

This is just ridiculous. I think a lot of the claims against the mainstream media are exaggerated by idjits like Sean Hannity, but in cases like this, the media really displays an obvious bias.