Liberals In Hawaii Protest Trump Visit, But The Japanese Greet Ivanka With Something AMAZING

Ivanka Trump just got the reception she deserves!

Earlier this week, the Trump family began a trip to Japan that included a quick stop in Hawaii. When they arrived in the island state, they were greeted by protestors wielding sings that say “Aloha also means goodbye” — a jab that signaled that their “greetings” were actually calls for him to leave.

After they DID leave, they were given a much warmer reception by the Japanese.


“JAPAN LOVES TRUMP,” signs read — but the photos on the signs weren’t of our president, they were of our First Daughter!

This foreign reception follows many positive responses to Trump visits. While Americans are busy protesting their democratically-elected leader, the rest of the world LOVES to see the Trump family aboard.

And they should! By making our economy great again, the Trumps aren’t just improving America. They’re making the WORLD more stable, as well!

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