Chelsea Handler and Will Wheaton compete for scummiest liberal response to Texas shooting

We knew it would happen – anytime there is a shooting, liberals just can’t help but dredge up the lowest angels of their nature and show what they’re truly made of on social media.

Here’s scumbag Will Wheaton’s entry into the scummiest liberal shooting response contest:

Wow, that’s pretty bad – here’s what he was responding to:

Yes, scummy McScummyface, let’s insult every believer on the face of the Earth because you want gun control. Nice!! I wonder if he’d insult Muslims too for believing in Allah? Probably not – just Christian prayers are dumb.

Here’s scummy Chelsea Handler’s entry:

Weird how we don’t know anything about the shooter, or how he got the guns but she knows to blame Republicans. And yet, when we KNOW it’s Muslims shooting people up in Europe, you can’t blame extremist Islam. Odd, huh?