Trump Just Showed The Most INCREDIBLE Love For This Gold Star Family That Left Everyone Crying

The media continues to run the fake story about Trump’s phone call to a Gold Star widow whose husband was recently killed in combat in Niger.  The woman is being used as a pawn, as is her deceased husband, and it’s disgusting.

They don’t run the stories about other condolence calls Trump has made to Gold Star family members.  For example, his call to another Gold Star widow, who described a wonderful call from the President, has not been covered at all by the MSM. I’m really hoping true Patriots are sharing that story constantly, out of fairness and love for our President.

And here’s one more.  In June, Trump made a call to offer his condolences and gratitude to the family of Army Cpl. Dillon Baldridge, after he was killed in Afghanistan in June.  During that call, after learning that the family was hurting financially, Trump offered to send them a check for $25,000, of his own money, to lend a hand.

Now the MSM is trying to make Trump a villain even from that generous and kind offer!  Logically, Trump had to get approval to send a personal check to a military family.  He had to make sure it was okay, and it takes time to get that done.  We lawyers can be slow!

Here’s CNN, of course, disrespecting our President: