Trump Discovers Easy Way To Stop ISIS Rats Fleeing Failed Caliphate From Returning To Europe To Commit Acts Of Terror

ISIS is on the run. The rats are literally abandoning ship. Raqqa just fell. They have been routed in Iraq. They have been reduced to a bunch of rats floating on a piece of driftwood.

With nowhere to go and no safe harbor on the horizon. This is what we wanted – a total rout and we got it, thanks to Trump and his new plan to take the fight to them.

Bit with each victory comes problems. And a big one is what to do with all the foreign fighters who came from Europe to join ISIS.

These are the guys committing most of the terror attacks in Europe and the reason Trump has no choice to get tough.

These desperate fighters are doing everything they can to sneak back into Europe where they can easily blend in with their French passports.

And once there, with a valid European passport, they can easily enter the US.

Thankfully General Mattis has discovered the easy way to stop this from happening.

According to the Daily Mail, the top envoy for the American coalition fighting ISIS, Brett McGurk, just announced Trump’s and Mattis’ plan.

Kill them. Right there in the desert. Stop the virus from spreading. No exceptions.

He said it is vital to kill all foreign terrorists to stop them from returning home and mounting attacks back in Europe.

“Our mission is to make sure any foreign fighter who is here, who joined ISIS from a foreign country and came into Syria, they will die here in Syria,” McGurk said. “So if they’re in Raqqa, they’re going to die in Raqqa.”

France Defense Minister Florence Parly was not afraid of the liberal backlash, and for every good Trump idea there is bound to be a liberal backlash, to agree with Trump in public saying,

“If the jihadis perish in this fight, I would say that’s for the best.”

It should be noted that no European government has gone on record to confirm whether they will actually let their citizens who went to fight with ISIS return. It is a tough issue because they are citizens.

So while they won’t say it publicly, except for the French, all Europe is secretly hoping Trump can clean up this mess before it gets back to them.

And he will.

P.S. Liberals, this is why we need the travel ban.