Shocking Report Shows New Clinton Ties To Russia No One Thought Would Get Out

Looks like the Clinton’s ties to Russia just got a little bit more interesting, according to a report from Circa. A major Clinton Global Initiative donor also happened to have done business with a company led by a man who was investigated by the FBI for bribery of American companies. This gets a little complicated, so let’s unpack:

  • Russian company TENEX paid about $3 million to an American firm, APCO Worldwide Inc., from 2010 to 2011 to lobby U.S. regulatory agencies and help Russian interests.
  • APCO began providing pro-bono services to the Clinton Global Initiative in 2007.
  • APCO CEO and Clinton supporter Margery Kraus signed a continuing contract with Tenex in 2010, the same time top TENEX executive Russian Vadim Milkerin was being investigated by the FBI for bribery involving American companies.
  • Russia would later go on to acquire 20% of American uranium, with Hillary Clinton as a main actor in the deal, serving as Secretary of State.

In this situation, it seems as though the Clintons are only one degree of separation from a Russian executive investigated for fraud during a highly delicate deal with Russia.

APCO denies any impropriety, however, saying in a statement to Circa: