CNN Asks Gold Star Mom about Trump, She Ends Up Thanking Him in Interview

When CNN invited a Gold Star family onto a program, the host attempted to bait the family into bashing President Donald Trump. However, what they did instead was thank him. This military family knows how high the price of freedom is, and they don’t place blame where blame is not due.

In the interview, “New Day” host Alisyn Camerota spoke to Shiela and Calvin Murphy, whose son, 22-year-old Army Spc. Etienne Murphy, died in Syria on May 26. Camerota asked quite pointedly if the family had received a call from President Trump after learning about their son’s death.

“No I haven’t but it’s OK,” Sheila Murphy said. “It doesn’t matter if I hear from the White House or no because it’s not really … about a call or letter.”

She insisted instead that she desires only one thing. For people to remember her son. She added that when it comes to being a Gold Star family, the last thing they are worried about is a call from the president.

“The worst thing I have ever been called is a Gold Star mom,” she said tearfully, but that didn’t stop Camerota from trying to bait the grieving mother further.

“I know that you, you wrote a letter to the White House, I think,” Camerota pushed. “What did you want the president to know about your son?”

Murphy had a response for that too, and it completely shut the CNN host down.

“I just wanted him to not forget my son,” she said. “And I actually thank President Trump for ordering the air strike in Syria, but it wasn’t enough to save my child. I have no hard feelings towards anyone because it’s not about me, it’s about my child and all the other countless fallen heroes…I don’t want it to be about me or a letter. I want it to be about my child and what he stood for, and what they are fighting for over there right now as I speak.”

While Murphy cried, Camerota carelessly asked her, “How can we help you?” To which she replied:

“If you could just give me my son back.”

Of course, Camerota couldn’t do that and what they were trying to do failed.

CNN tried to jump on the same bandwagon that Florida Democrat Rep. Frederica Wilson was driving when she used one Gold Star family as an item on her liberal agenda. Wilson politicized the families loss and claimed that President Trump was callous when speaking with the soldier’s widow.

As Shiela Murphy showed… the families of the fallen soldiers don’t want the media to use their deaths as another punching bag towards the president.

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