Trump Just Spotted On Golf Course With Someone That Has Reporters Everywhere FREAKING Out

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul praised President Donald Trump on his move with taxes and health care after the President crushed him in a round of golf this Saturday, as reported by Nation One News.

“The President never loses, didn’t you know?” Paul told reporters after the game. “The President and his partner beat myself and my partner by three holes. He’s a little better golfer than I am, admittedly, but we had a good time.”


“I’ve been very excited about the President’s (tax) plan from the very beginning, when he put out a 15% corporate tax cut,” he said. “Now, obviously, trying to say 20%. I just want to make sure we realize we’re competing with the rest of the world.”

Paul then said that he supports Trump’s executive order to take down Obamacare and make it possible for individuals to join together through national health plans.

“I’m really excited about letting people buy across state lines,” Paul said. “The interesting thing about this is half of the people in our country get their insurance through (the Employee Retirement Income Security Act) already. So Amazon, Pepsi, Coke, Microsoft, MGM, big companies all get their insurance across state lines through ERISA plans. Now we’re going to let individuals get the same thing.”