Newt Gingrich Just Pointed Out One Major Thing About Trump And Critics Can’t Handle It

Newt Gingrich praised President Trump’s recent moves in foreign and domestic policy on AM970’s “The Answer” Sunday morning, noting that Democrats and establishment Republicans, among others, are unhappy with his recent successes:

Donald Trump really is draining the swamp, and the alligators are really unhappy.”

This guy is actually doing what he said he would do: we’re getting conservative judges nominated. We are getting regulations rolled back.

He continued:

“We’re getting a much more aggressive pro-American trade policy and pro-American foreign policy. The other side sees this as the end of their way of life.“

President Trump has been calling out politicians on both sides of the aisle for obstruction, corruption, and not keeping their promises to the American people. Some politicians just can’t seem to cope.

Gingrich went on to say how President Trump’s more aggressive “America First” foreign policy plan has led to victories abroad, most recently the rescue of American hostages by Pakistani troops in Afghanistan:

“The Pakistanis understand how much how much tougher and how much more aggressive the Trump Administration is than the Obama Administration.”  

“And I think they’re trying to find some way to appease us because they know that we are very angry at them.”

“Remember, they had Bin Laden in their country for a decade. As a result, they’re scrambling to find a way to appease us.”

President Trump’s America First plan helped save those Americans taken hostage, which many critics are going to find hard to admit.

The president said as much himself on Thursday while he was thanking Pakistan for helping us get the hostages back:


Gingrich nailed it. Not only is he whipping the establishment politicians into shape, but Pakistan and the rest of the world have woken up to the fact that America is not going to be taken advantage of with President Trump at the helm.

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