David Clarke Unleashes EPIC RANT About Bill And Hillary’s Sexual Assault Scandals

David Clarke knows why Hillary Clinton took five days to condemn her buddy Harvey Weinstin.

According to the sheriff, “SHE DOESN’T CARE. ”

“Her politics matters more to her, the reputation of her husband, to prop him up in the White House for her future political endeavors was more important to her than these victims, ” Clarke said on Fox News this morning. “She’s morally bankrupt. Her ethics elevator has no bottom floor, and she will do whatever she has to do to protect herself, her image, and her reputation.”


Of course, the Sheriff is RIGHT. Earlier this week, Clinton called Trump a “sexual assaulter” during an overseas interview. When asked about similar accusations against her husband, Clinton claimed that they were “in the past.”

What hypocricy. We’re fortunate Clinton never became the first woman president. We deserve a female leader who respects women — not one who USES them.

And, like Clarke says, Clinton doesn’t care. She only cares about HERSELF.

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The couple is despicable as they are power hungry.