Anthony Bourdain Just Ripped Off Hillary’s Mask And Showed The World Who She Really Is

Hillary Clinton got on CNN Wednesday for an interview with Fareed Zakaria in which she condemned disgraced Hollywood movie exec and Democratic bank-roller Harvey Weinstein and vowed to donate the funds he had given her for her political campaigns. She said during the interview:

“I was appalled. It was something that was just intolerable in every way.”
“And, you know, like so many people who’ve come forward and spoken out, this was a different side of a person who I and many others had known in the past.”
Right, sure. Celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain wasn’t buying the bull and put Hillary on blast in a tinder tirade, saying:
As more of the allegations against Weinstein come to light, it becomes more obvious just how many people in Hollywood knew about his disgusting treatment of women.
Weinstein was a huge Democratic donor and fundraiser- raising millions for Hillary’s 2016 political campaign.
Bourdain has a personal connection to Weinstein’s sick ways- he is currently dating Asia Argento, an actress who has accused Weinstein of rape.
Although Clinton did not issue a response to Bourdain’s criticism, her former campaign spokesperson had something to say: