President Trump Says Vice President Mike Pence Getting ‘Great Praise’ for NFL Walkout

As the discussion continues about what Vice President Mike Pence did at the Colts-49ers game last weekend, President Donald Trump is praising his Vice President for walking out on the game. Pence left after 23 players protested during the national anthem.

On Monday morning, the president tweeted that the VP is receiving “great praise” for his action:

Apparently, the “long-planned” trip the president was alluding to was that Pence was reportedly planning to attend the game for some time because the Colts were set to retirePeyton Manning’s jersey.

Whatever the plans were or were not, Pence arrived at the game in time for the national anthem and stood with his hand over his heart as the song played. But because players on the field protested during the song, Pence launched a protest of his own by leaving the game at the conclusion of the anthem.

Pence tweeted about the incident on Sunday saying that he doesn’t think it is too much to ask for NFL players to stand during the anthem and added that he supports our soldiers.