Pelosi To Let Seniors Go HUNGRY If Trump Doesn’t Do This One Sick Thing For Her

I hope you don’t like national parks, tax refunds, or social security benefits, because Nancy Pelosi is willing to risk them all to help illegal immigrants.

Earlier this week, the minority leader issued a joint statement with Chuck Schumer attacking the president’s newly-announced immigration agenda. The president’s plan outlined the administration’s must-haves in order to write DACA into law.


Pelosi claimed that Trump “can’t be serious about compromise or helping the Dreamers” with his list of demands.

In a subsequent interview with the Washington Post, Pelosi claims that she is willing to shut down the government unless immigration reform happens her way.

“Some House Democrats are raising the specter of withholding support for must-pass spending legislation later this year in response to President Trump’s hard-line immigration proposals,” Pelosi said.

“What the White House put forward is a complete non-starter,” she added, suggesting that she agrees with these unnamed House Democrats. “There’s nothing in it to negotiate.”

And there it is. Nancy Pelosi won’t negotiate with the president — even after he gave them an opportunity to save these so-called “DREAMers.”

It’s all pretty standard for the Democrats. They don’t care about illegal immigrants OR legal citizens. They don’t even care about the law they’re employed to create. After the interview, Pelosi retweeted a post that equated legal status to a “piece of paper.”