Recently Arrested Democrat Just Said 3 AWFUL Words About Trump EVERY American Needs To See

Illinois Congressman Luis Gutierrez should resign.

He has been arrested multiple times while in office for protesting just like any other dopey lefty, and he’s an open borders advocate.

Talk about a bad combo.

Now, Luis has reached a new low. He says President Trump’s immigration proposals are an “extension of the white supremacist agenda.”

Gutierrez: “I warned Democrats not to negotiate, to say that what we wanted was a clean Dream Act. It’s a slippery slope — I never understood why everybody wanted to sit down and negotiate. I’ve been there 20 years and this is the same negotiation we’ve had for the last 20 years. They’re throwing everything and the kitchen sink in terms of enforcement. I just never understood it.”

He added that Trump “has never wavered from his xenophobic positions. I never understood — I just never got it, how you go from Charlottesville, Virginia, and white supremacists to reaching an agreement with him. It’s an extension of the white supremacist agenda — what they want to do is criminalize and delegitimize Latinos.

You’d think that was enough, right? Nope. Gutierrez wasn’t done…

There’s a debt ceiling vote coming up, there’s a budget vote coming up — I’m not saying we should shut down the government, but if you want a budget with Democratic votes, then it’s got to have some Democratic priorities.”

So now Dems want to shut down the government? But they love government!

Luis is everything wrong with America today. Let’s get 10,000 SHARES to let him know we’re done with Democrat BS!