After Supporting Anthem Kneelers, Kobe Bryant Says UNFORGIVABLE Thing About Trump

The NFL is in the middle of a PR nightmare. Ratings are plummeting and public perception of the brand has been cut in half — but that hasn’t stopped other professional athletes from supporting the anthem protests at the center of the NFL’s collapse.

This week, the Hollywood Reporter asked NBA legend Kobe Bryant what he would do during the anthem if he were still playing professionally.

“Kneel,” he responded.

SERIOUSLY? Bryant is among the most privileged men in the United States — not to mention filthy rich.

These protests aren’t accomplishing anything. Americans aren’t INSPIRED by these rich ball-players protesting their country. They’re disgusted by it.

And Bryant didn’t stop there.

Bryant went on to insult the president, claiming Donald Trump should “focus on serving, not leading.”

The comments are ironic, considering the aging Bryant lead the Lakers through multiple miserable seasons before finally retiring. He cared more about his ego than serving the greater good of the team. But he’s telling Trump to be different? Right.

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But don’t expect them to change. They hate this country more than they care about their fans.