PURE GENIUS: After Coming Up With New Healthcare Plan, Trump Figured Out How To Get Dems To Vote YES

Yesterday President Donald Trump managed to unveil not only his own fix for America’s broken healthcare but also a genius plan to get the Democrats to vote YES with him.

The media had been running wild with speculation about what the President said to Chuck Schumer during their phone call the other night. Well, it turns out he went in with a plan.

“If we could do a one-year deal or a two-year deal as a temporary measure, you’ll have block granting ultimately to the states, which is what the Republicans want. That really is a repeal and replace.”

Now, this is a start but does not mean the Democrats will bite just yet. Remember, Trump is a great negotiator and this is the Art of the Deal. Not only is he opening the door to Dems, he is showing Republicans how serious their failure really is.

Still, Schumer made it fairly clear later he was not down just yet, telling the press that he was not open to repealing Obamacare, only amending it.

I for one am glad he is doing SOMETHING before this disaster manages to destroy our wallets and hospitals. Help get the Republicans in Congress to do their jobs by sharing this out everywhere.

Trump wants Block Grants so states, not the federal government, can manage their own healthcare.