Trump Jr. Just CRUSHED Michelle Obama With 1 Viral Tweet, She’ll NEVER Be Able To Recover From This

Michelle Obama recently stated that the Republican Party is filled with old white men, implying the GOP is racist.

It’s what Democrats do, play the race card. That’s straight from the DNC playbook.

I’m sure Mia Love, Tim Scott, Ronna Romney McDaniel, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Marsha Blackburn, Kellyanne Conway and countless other minority and female conservatives have a bone to pick with Michelle.

Heck, the Republican Party was formed to abolish slavery back in the day. Not to mention that Republicans advocated for civil rights, not Dems.

But that’s a whole other story.

Yesterday, news broke about Hollywood mega-producer Harvey Weinstein. He has apparently been sexually harassing women for over three decades.

Michelle has been very complimentary of Weinstein in the past considering he’s a major donor to her party, now it’s coming back to bite her.

Enter Donald Trump, Jr….