Pelosi Just Tweeted About Gun Control, Then James Woods WRECKED Her With Epic Response

Nancy Pelosi, being the crazed progressive Californian Congresswoman she is, tweeted about gun control earlier today.

Here are her thoughts in light of the recent massacre in Las Vegas…


Oh boy, Nancy. Where do we start with you?

Let’s allow conservative actor James Woods to make things crystal clear

BOOM! Woods with the kill shot (pun intended)!

There’s no doubt liberals have killed more people in random shootings and mass murders, because they have less morals than conservatives. Life simply doesn’t matter to them, as evidenced by their fondness for abortion.

Just look at Chicago, for instance. Liberal city, lots of homicide.

Conservatives understand that guns are used for sport or for self-defense, not for shooting a person you may disagree with. Of course there are exceptions, sure. But generally speaking, libs are the killers.