Mike Pence Just Made A Promise To America That No President Has EVER Done Before

One thing that President Trump and VP Mike Pence realize is that America has been NEEDING something to be proud of again. Sure, we can say we are number one, but we need to do something truly awe-inspiring to prove it.

That’s why today, VP Pence was chosen to speak at the FIRST convening of the National Space Council since 1993. He declared with absolute certainty that we WILL lead in space again and made a promise that no other president in history has ever done…

The Vice President promised that, under President Trump’s leadership, America will make it to Mars and visit the Moon again!

‘Not only to leave behind footprints and flags but to build the foundations we need to send Americans to Mars and beyond.’


Now, it is worth noting that Barack Obama promised COUNTLESS times to bring back the National Space Council but instead gutted NASA into obscurity and never convened the council once.

Within just months of the Trump presidency, NASA has been restored and today the Council was convened. The thing is, the media will not give him credit for a damn thing.

As a millennial myself, I’m excited to see America do something truly incredible again in my lifetime. Sadly, it feels like that has been lacking for younger people to see. I’m sure when they see what Trump has done, they will be so filled with pride in our country again they will quit their dumb protests and hate groups.

So let’s share this out everywhere and let people know that America is really and truly about to be GREAT again.