Trump Beats The Pope! What Trump Just Did Will Have Him FUMING

Donald Trump just accomplished something huge — and all he had to do was take down the pope in the process.

His latest accomplishment comes after an odd rivalry between the two giants. Trump’s feud with the pontiff was EASILY one of the most bizarre moments in the already bizarre 2016 race. The men mostly sparred about immigration, and the battles were often instigated by his Holiness.

Conservative Christians were then forced to choose. Do they support the leader of their party? Or the leader of their religion?

If support is measured in the number of Twitter followers, Trump took the lead this week. According to Fox News, Trump’s 40 million Twitter followers just surpassed the number enjoyed by Pope Francis.

If Trump cares about the number of followers he has on social media — and we know he does — this news is big. By surpassing the Pope, Trump has become the most-followed leader in the entire world.

Not bad, considering the number of Catholics easily dwarfs the number of American citizens.

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This could be a friendly rivalry that’s fun to watch!