TRUMP CLEARED: What Senators Secretly Admitted Means He’s Totally Innocent

The infamous “Trump-Russia Dossier” that Democrats once proudly discussed and threw around as if it was 100% real can STILL not be confirmed authentic and true, according to the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Christopher Steele was the man who created it and refuses to work with any investigators or cooperate with the witch hunt. “We have on several occasions made attempts to contact Mr. Steele, to meet with Mr. Steele,” said Burr, who added that attempts made by he and committee vice-chairman Mark Warner, a Virginia Democrat, to meet with the former British spy have been unsuccessful,” says The Daily Caller.


But this doesn’t excuse the one, simple fact: As the days continue, Democrats and the mainstream media keep promoting the story by reporting on it in hopes that it’s true, while not condemning the facts that come out clearing the Trump Administration. 

In fact, it’s a little scary to see how well the media can manipulate us and manipulate our minds in the process.

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