The President Just Stood Up And Gave The Las Vegas Shooting Victims A Gift Only A President Can Give

Today President Trump has been busy in Las Vegas visiting the victims of the terrible shooting as well as the first responders. During his time there he visited a local hospital to meet some of the victims of the attack.

After meeting the victims, the President gave an impromptu press conference where he announced that he was so moved by the people he met and their courage that he was inviting them to the White House.

Trump told reporters, ‘I just met some of the most amazing people. We met patients that were absolutely terribly wounded. I invited a lot of them over to the White House.’

He continued, ‘I said, “If you are ever in Washington, come on over to the Oval Office.” And they’re all saying, “We want to do it! How do we do it?” And believe me, I’ll be there for them.’


A chance to visit the White House as a guest of honor has been used for entertainers and diplomats alike, so this really is a once in a lifetime gift that only a President can give.

However, Trump cannot be expected to help these people out on his own. He needs the help of the entire country. Our prayers and donations help more than you can ever realize, so send them to Las Vegas and let’s heal the city.