Tucker Just Caught Hillary in a Lie About Las Vegas Shooting, Then Exposed Her For Who She Really is

Hillary Clinton tried to use the Las Vegas Massacre to score political points, and Tucker exposed her sick lies on Live TV. Hillary said the NRA wants to legalize “silencers,” which would’ve allowed the gunman to kill far more people. This is a bold-faced lie and the mainstream media repeated her lie all day long.

Tucker was NOT going to let her get away with these lies. He immediately pointed out that a “Silencer” would not have worked on the Automatic RIFLES used by the gunman… But he didn’t stop there. 

Hillary refused to join him on the show, so Tucker debated Democratic Congressman Eric Swalwell who came to defend her comments. “Do you think she thinks a silencer would make a rifle silent? If she thinks that, maybe she shouldn’t be weighing in on it… Maybe she should know what she’s talking about” Tucker asked Rep. Swalwell. Then he left the Congressman speechless, as he exposed Hillary’s divisive lies on national tv. WATCH this then SHARE on Facebook!