The Horrible Shooting In Las Vegas Last Night Just Broke The WORST Record In US History

Last night was one of the most horrific nights in the history of our great nation. What we know so far is that Stephen Paddock used several fully automatic rifles to murder over 50 people and injured more than 200. It was this fact that broke the record…

The Mandalay Bay attack has now been declared the single WORST mass shooting in the history of the country.

50 was the number given when this article was written. The number is rising as the bodies are scattered everywhere in the area. Before this, Omar Mateen’s shooting of the Pulse Night Club held this despicable record with 50 dead Americans.

The attack happened at the end of one of the biggest music festivals in the country, the Route 91 Harvest Festival.


When this article was written, the motives remained unknown. All we know is that Paddock will now go down as one of the worst terrorists in the history of the United States, no matter why he did it.

Please send your prayers for the victims of this shooting and pray this record NEVER gets broken again.