Eric Trump Just Got On Hannity And Said The One Thing About Trump Liberals Didn’t Want Him To Say

President Trump has had another big week of controversy after criticizing NFL players for kneeling during the national anthem before games on Sunday and Monday. Eric Trump got on Hannity Friday to defend his father, and said something all progressives are going to hate:

“One thing I’ve always said about my father is he will fight for this country.”

This is another great example of him fighting for this country. It’s not just fighting for lower taxes, or fighting for better healthcare, or fighting to have the best military, he’s fighting for something that means a tremendous amount to this nation.”

That’s right, folks. President Trump is a fighter. He doesn’t back down. When he sees something he thinks is wrong, he says it. He loves this country and is ready to help build its infrastructure and services, but he recognizes that our symbols and traditions are also important to national unity and cohesion- and he’s going to fight for that too.

Eric Trump continued:

That’s the American flag. That’s patriotism. There’s plenty of time for protest, alright? Let’s keep the one-minute time that it takes to sing the national anthem, keep it sacred. There’s another 23 hours and 59 minutes in the day, keep that minute sacred.

“We certainly have problems in this country, but we are so blessed on a relative basis, and we should stand and celebrate that. And when that’s over we can talk about our differences and that’s healthy. But I’m proud of [my father] taking a stand and fighting for this country.

BOOM Baby! Progressives hate it when patriots stand up for what they believe in and defend American values. But President Trump is going to do just that.

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