UNBELIEVABLE: Nancy Pelosi Just Defended The President On The One Thing Dems Will Go INSANE For

If y’all thought the world was crazy before, then what Minority Leader Pelosi just let loose about her recent dinner with the President is really gonna blow you away.

According to reports earlier this week, Pelosi kept getting interrupted at the dinner and eventually yelled out, “Does anyone listen when a woman speaks around here?” Well, it turns out one person there WAS listening to her…

During a new interview with the Atlantic today, Nancy Pelosi went out of her way to DEFEND President Trump’s respect of her as a woman during the dinner.

In a statement almost as shocking as Trump’s election itself, Pelosi told the Atlantic, “By the way it wasn’t the president who was interrupting, let me be clear about that.”

She went on to say it was his Cabinet members who kept talking over her. It turns out that Donald Trump was very respectful, to the point where she actually defended his honor.

I think what y’all are seeing is the most amazing thing that the President has accomplished since he took office. Trump just got the most LEFTIST of the Democrat leaders to defend him AND work with him. Do y’all wanna know why this seems so shocking? It’s because THIS is what Bipartisanship looks like.

This is something to be celebrated, not condemned. Let’s share this out everywhere so people can see that America is actually beginning to function again.