Reporter Says Trump Attacked NFL Players, So Sarah Sanders Shut Her Up With Four BADASS Words

Trump has been fighting against the NFL this week after all the national anthem protests. The press won’t drop it, either.

Sarah Sanders was then questioned Thursday about the free speech implications of Trump’s request for NFL players to stand.


At that moment, Sanders cut off her question cold and said this: “I think so are many Americans. More Americans than NFL players.”

Ryan then asked him how the President will keep fighting the NFL. “This shouldn’t be about the NFL being against the president,” Sanders said, “This should be about our country coming together to support the flag, the national anthem. There’s nothing wrong with having pride in the United States.”

Ryan then said that they want to “change the system.” Sanders then said that the response is worth reprinting.

“If we’re going to look at history, we should look at the thousands of Americans that have given their life to protect that flag… that anthem. We should be celebrating those people. I gave you a chance to answer. We should be looking at every way we can to celebrate our country, bring it together, not looking at ways to divide it. The president is talking about what we’re for, not about what we’re against. Certainly this administration will always be for protection and celebration of the flag and the national anthem.

“That’s not going to change.”

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