Trump’s New Nickname For Jim Jong Un Will Leave Him Crying On The Floor

President Trump is known for his funny nicknames that describe his opponents to a T- Hillary Clinton is ‘Crooked Hillary,’ Elizabeth Warren is ‘Pocahontas,’ Bernie Sanders is ‘Crazy Bernie,’ it goes on and on.

Now he’s finally picked one out for everyone’s favorite despot, Kim Jong Un, and true to form, it is both funny and humiliating. Check it out:

That’s right folks, do to his proclivity to test nuclear warheads and generally be a threat to the entire world, Kim Jong Un’s new nickname is “Rocket Man.”

Kim Jong Un thinks that by being an unhinged nuclear power, he will somehow gain the world’s respect. Unfortunately for him, respect is EARNED through promoting world peace and not enslaving your people in a communist dictatorship.

President Trump’s new nickname shows this dweeby Rocket Man that he’s going to have to make some major reforms if he’s ever going to be taken seriously on the world stage.

President Trump does the same thing to ‘loser’ terrorists: