Melania Trump Just Did The UNTHINKABLE Before Her Speech & The Media Didn’t Cover It

President Trump and First Lady Melania just got done a massive speech over at Joint Base Andrews, a big Air base in Prince George’s County, Maryland. Not only did the president speak but the First Lady actually opened for him giving a most incredible speech.

But right before that however, the media failed to cover that our First Lady Melania Trump visited a Youth Center. Watch what happens when she got there:


There she goes enjoying some time with a few of the children at this Youth Center. The media will come out with all sorts of negative articles later on talking about her shoes or maybe what she wore.

Like always they will fail to give a solemn reminder to the public of the graciousness of our First Lady. Let’s show Melania Trump that we support her by Sharing this out everywhere since the mainstream media won’t!