CORRUPTION: Obama’s DEVIOUS Dealings Revealed And This WILL Ruin Him Forever

Patriots have known for quite some time (oh, like maybe since 2008) that the Obama administration was full of corruption.

Democrats love to paint him as a saint, but saint he is NOT.  Yet another example of his corruption has just come out.  And, of course, it has to do with millions of dollars of tax payer money!

Obama’s presidential campaign advertising agency, GMMB, received nearly $60 million in federal contracts after he took office. Most of that money came from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. That agency was created by none other than Elizabeth Warren, when she worked as an Obama appointee in the Department of the Treasury.


(Courtesy of The Obama White House via

Yep, that’s Obama, with Warren, nominating the CFPB’s unconstitutional director.

Congress and lower federal courts have said that the CFPB is unconstitutional because its director can only be removed for cause, whereas all others in similar positions can be removed at the President’s will or have specific terms.  Furthermore, the CFPB does not have normal congressional oversight because of where Obama and Warren created it to be housed.