BREAKING: Trump Looking To Make A BRILLIANT Deal With Julian Assange Of WikiLeaks! Democrats Are DONE!

For nearly a year now, Democrats have been claiming that it was Russia that hacked the DNC and exposed private emails to the world. The left says it is proof that Russia was colluding with the Trump campaign to ensure his presidential win.

Julian Assange, the owner of WikiLeaks, has made it clear that Russia had nothing to do with the hacking and he has the documentation to prove it.

It looks like the truth is finally going to come to light.

“President Trump is looking at a deal with Julian Assange that would pardon him in exchange for the truth about who hacked the DNC.”

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Calif.) sought a deal with the White House that would grant WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange a pardon or other act of clemency in exchange for information that he said would absolve Russia of blame for the 2016 email breach at the Democratic National Committee.”


In a phone call with White House chief of staff John Kelly on Wednesday, Rohrabacher said that the deal would involve President Trump issuing a pardon or “something like that” to Assange.

In exchange for the pardon, Assange will provide a storage device containing evidence that Russia was not behind the DNC email hacks that led to the release of embarrassing internal messages last summer.

The FBI attempted to investigate who actually hacked the DNC shortly after the incident, but the Democratic National Committee REFUSED to hand over their servers for examination.
We may now learn why they were so hesitant to have their computers scrutinized.
If it wasn’t Russia that hacked the DNC like Assange says, the entire narrative about Russia “hacking the election” will be blown out of the water.
This is a smart move by our President and Democrats have every reason to be scared.