Media Tries To Force Floyd Mayweather To Attack Trump, What He Said Next Blew Them Away

We all know Floyd Mayweather as the undefeated champion of boxing with an amazing 50-0 fighting record. Many like him, and many hate him. However suddenly, many Americans are calling him “patriot” after what he just said in a recent interview.

Floyd “Money” Mayweather was recently on an interview where he was asked “Do you think with the policies that are happening in the country now with the new legislation put forward to get rid of “dreamers”… A lot of people aren’t happy with the policies. Are you saying that they should just forget about these people?It was clear that they were trying to get Mayweather to denounce Trump’s actions against DACA. They Did Not Expect Him To Respond With This.

There you go Floyd! That was a REAL knockout if I’ve ever seen one. What he said is absolutely right. Many people come to this country complaining about this one while announcing their love for their original country.

If they really loved their country so much then why leave? Why come here to a country you don’t respect enough to even come here legally? There are PLENTY of Americans who would love to have their job.

Mayweather hit the nail on the head on this one and I support his response 100%! Good job not letting the media play you like they do most African-American celebrities. If you believe President Trump cares about Americans FIRST then let’s make this go viral by SHARING this out everywhere! God Bless!