KILL SHOT: Trump Just DECIMATED Bernie’s Universal Health Care With A Single Word

Bernie Sanders has been pushing extra hard to get Democrats to endorse Universal Health Care before 2018. His goal is to try and get Dems to take the House and Senate, then push the bill through next year. There is only one problem with him plan…

President Trump just threatened to VETO the bill if Democrats ever do get it through.

However, Trump said most of the blame for this entire bill falls on the Republican Party, who, according to the President, allowed this to happen by refusing to Repeal and Replace Obamacare when they had their chance.

That means that Democrats have a CHANCE of winning back seats and pushing Universal Health Care when they do. This is a very serious situation for the Republican party. It’s not gonna be enough now to simply keep the Congress Republican, we gotta replace all the bad Republicans with new ones too.