After MSNBC Reporter Said Trump Destroyed Humanity, WATCH Greg Gutfeld Embarrass Her on Live TV

Just when you thought the liberal media couldn’t get any worse, they sink to a whole new low. MSNBC’s Joy Reid actually went on the air and said living in the Trump era is “the worst time to be a human.”

Greg Gutfeld couldn’t believe what he was hearing and unleashed with a blistering response that shows how idiotic her comment was. (Video Below)

The segment started with Gutfeld revealing a new study by the Media Research Center that found 91% of evening newscast coverage of Trump has been negative. Gutfeld jokingly said he thinks the number is actually higher. He says they’re generating outrage against Trump because that makes them more profits.

He pointed to Joy Reid’s statement as yet another SICK example of the hysterical media going too far. By saying this is “the worst time to be a human,” Reid is ignoring WW2 where over 60 million people died. Her hatred of Trump is so great, that she’d rather live during the black plague? WATCH the video below where Greg embarrasses Joy Reid for making this STUPID comment and SHARE on Facebook so it goes viral!