Right after attacking Trump, Playboy gave the new Miss America exactly what she deserves.

The Miss America pageant was rife with controversial political issues this year.

Five politically charged questions were asked in the final round. All of them took aim at President Trump.

Those questions ranged from Climate Change to events which lead to a woman dying of a heart attack following the crash caused by a mentally unstable driver in Charlottesville, Virginia. Miss Texas finds herself in a strange place after not answering her question and using it to attack President Trump.

Just about every Main Stream Media organization praised the new Miss America. Cara Mund’s politically correct response to the climate change question has all of the big money publishers writing about her. This year, there is a newcomer to the #MissAmerica hashtag.

Playboy Magazine apparently has their eye on Cara Mund and the Miss America pageant. A detailed search of Twitter reveals no record of the official @Playboy Twitter account ever using the #MissAmerica hashtag. Cara Mund is the first to receive this distinction.

In October 2015 Playboy announced that they would do away with full nudity in their magazine. However, Play Boy TV still has very controversial content.

Apparently, sexless magazines didn’t sell, so Playboy Magazine returned to nudity in February 2017. Now they have an interest in Miss America.

We spoke with the chief editor of Liberty Writers, Danny Gold, who was surprised to find this out. He told us:

“It sounds like right after attacking Trump, Playboy gave the new Miss America exactly what she deserves.”