Roger Stone, Steve Bannon and the four factions of the Republican civil war started by the Libertarians’ Tea Party.

Roger Stone worked for Trump in the early days of his campaign. Stone didn’t last very long. After only a few weeks he found himself on the outside.

Once on the outside, he started to attack certain Republicans and he even publically questioned President Trump. When asked if he was fired or quit he quickly said he “quit,” some media outlets dispute his version of events claiming that he was fired.

According to Politico, Roger Stone mentioned the idea of a war in an interview:

“So are we surprised that Trump is already at war with Mitch McConnell?”

As early as August 2016 Roger Stone described the Trump Presidency as a war, of sorts, against the “establishment.” The idea of a “war” isn’t a new concept. The Main Stream Media has worked hard to highlight the divide within the Republican Party.

Now, both establishment and outlying Republicans are beginning to embrace the idea of a Republican Civil War. Steve Bannon has a long history of battling the “establishment” within both parties.

Steve Bannon

A few hours after the breaking news of Bannon’s exit from the Whitehouse it was widely reported that Bannon said:

“I am going to war for Trump.”

Bannon confirmed the idea of a civil war within the Republican Party in a CBS interview which first aired on September 10, 2017: See the Video below:

What CBS doesn’t include in this video are other things Bannon said. Steve Bannon described the “establishment” as all five of the previous Presidents and those within their sphere of influence.

This brings up a serious question about Roger Stone and where he might fit into this war. Some have speculated that Roger Stone and Steve Bannon are on the same team. Bannon’s comments now call that reasoning into questions, and actually shed some light on the factions that exist within the Republican party.

Roger Stone has made millions selling influence in Washington DC, while Steve Bannon has earned his millions as the voice of working class Americans. Bannon’s Breitbart News covers issues that are often ignored or misrepresented by the Main Stream Media, which is a welcome change from the constant banter of the highly propagandized Main Stream Media.

As a result, Breitbart has become a highly respected political conservative media outlet.

The Libertarians who call themselves the “Tea Party.”

Not very long after Obama was elected in 2008 there was a groundswell of concern about what Obama might do. History shows us the concern was warranted. In the wake of the rapid social change and skyrocketing national debt implemented by the Obama administration, the Tea Party has grown.

Most people who are not deeply involved in the interworkings of the “Tea Party” have no idea that the movement is heavily funded and supported by Libertarians. It was started by Libertarians.

Most people also have no idea that the Koch donor network is almost entirely Libertarians. Make no mistake Roger Stone is a Libertarian…

Most of the successful “Tea Party” candidates such as Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and members of the “Freedom Caucus” get major amounts of funding from the Koch Brothers’ network of Libertarian donors.

So far I have identified two factions. The first is what I often call “traditional Republicans.” Traditional Republicans align almost entirely with the message being trumpeted by Steve Bannon and his Breitbart News.

The other is Libertarians, who pretend to be Republicans and almost always align themselves with the “Tea Party.” In 2009 when the Tea Party was born there was a tremendous amount of hope for reduced government spending and increasing fiscal responsibility.

The truth is none of the Libertarian “Tea Party” crowd has accomplished anything. The only thing the Tea Party has actually done is ensure gridlock in Washington DC. I happen to believe that is exactly why Libertarians contributed to the Tea Party movement.

Libertarians wanted gridlock because they agreed with the Liberal social changes, but wanted lower taxes for their wealthy benefactors, like the Koch Brothers and their entire network of donors.

Four Factions in this Republican Civil War.

So far I have named traditional Republicans and Libertarians, but they are not the only factions in this fight for control of the Republican party. President Trump has repeatedly called out the third. He calls them the “Swamp,” before that we called them RINOs.

What is the “swamp?” Simply put, it is the people in power who have most of the control and get their money from well funded Crony Business sources. The problem with the Swamp aka the current “establishment” is they don’t care about us. Those politicians get their money by making laws that give their big money donors an advantage.

There is a tremendous amount of overlap between the Swamp and the Libertarian Partys’ “Tea Party.”

That overlap allows big Crony business to benefit while the core Tea party values are stalled. Again, I believe that is exactly how the Libertarians designed it.

Finally, we have the real Tea Party. The real Tea Party is the actual grass roots movement to ensure fiscal responsibility on Washington DC. Let’s face facts, the real Tea Party was first and foremost about reducing our national debt.

So here we are. We have the RINOs, the Libertarians pretending to be Tea Party, the real Tea Party, and traditional Republicans.