Teacher Calls Trump Supporters NAZIS, What Happens Next Is GLORIOUS

Teachers across the country have been spreading anti-conservative propaganda for years. Now, one of them has finally been served some JUSTICE.

Last week, a Georgia high school teacher named Lyn Orletsky was caught on camera comparing “Make America Great Again” apparel worn by students to Nazism.

Just like you cannot wear a swastika to school, you cannot wear Make America Great Again like that,” she says in the video obtained by Turning Point USA.

The comments were inappropriate and disgusting — and the school district agrees. According to a letter provided to the students’ parents, the teacher has just been FIRED.

The correspondence claims that the teacher is “no longer is your child’s math teacher, effective immediately.”

But the ending includes a pretty sick burn, as the school claims to be searching for an “experienced educator” to take Ms. Orletsky’s place.

Finally, some JUSTICE for students forced to listen to teacher-driven liberal propaganda.

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