New Evidence: Trump was right about Suffrage Shenanigans in the “Life Free or Die” state.

There something not quite right in New Hampshire and some say it likely cost President Trump four electoral votes. The first two words that came to mind as I checked and doubled checked my sources were suffrage and shenanigans. My grandmother used both words.

She and I had several conversations over my lifetime about women’s suffrage, and she loved to use the word shenanigans. Sometimes her use of the word shenanigan was quite the shenanigan.

For those of you who don’t know what a shenanigan is, it is something sneaky, mischievous or maneuvering. Most of the time it’s fun or funny, and almost always done for a good cause. A shenanigan usually starts with good intentions and ends up bad for most involved. It’s kind of like a surprise party where the victim goes into shock or passes out because of the scare they get as everyone yells “SURPRISE!”

Suffrage Shenanigans in New Hampshire 2016

In the state of New Hampshire voters can register to vote on election day. Someone who just moved to the state can sign an affidavit swearing they live there. Then use their, out of state, drivers license to vote.

State Congressional Speaker of the House in New Hampshire, Shawn Jasper, released some suggestive voter registration numbers on September 8th, 2017. These numbers raise serious questions about possible voter fraud, aka suffrage shenanigans.

The Washington Times reported:

“More than 6,500 people registered to vote in New Hampshire on Nov. 8 using out-of-state driver’s licenses, and since then the vast majority have neither obtained an in-state license nor registered a motor vehicle.”

The “good intentions” of the New Hampshire legislature to make it easier for recent residents to vote, seems to have some problems. It has been ten months since the election and less than one in five of those who voted with an out of state license has changed their license to New Hampshire or registered a vehicle there.

The total number of suspect votes is about 5,300. President Trump lost the state by a mear 2,700 votes. When you add in the fact that most of those voters used drivers license from Massachusetts it brings a whole new meaning to “hacking the election.”

Hacking an Election.

Who can forget the Democrat operative who was exposed by Project Veritas as he said:

“We have been bussing people in for years, and we will keep doing it.”

When most people think about hacking, they get an image in their head of some creepy guy in a dark room visible only by the light of his computer. Hacking is so much more. Hacking is a much a social thing as it is electronic.

Look at John Podesta. He didn’t get hacked because some evil genius cracked Google’s world class two factor security. He got hacked because he gave them his passwords when he responded to a fake email. A little technology mixed with a lot of psychology and John Podesta’s personal email became public knowledge.

Hacking an election doesn’t mean you break in and change votes. It means you find a way to get the votes you want. Such as a BUS full of Democrats from Massachusetts… This was suggested by Stephen Miller six months ago.