Nancy Pelosi Just Flipped Sides To Support Trump! Look What She Said

Something weird is happening in Washington D.C. Earlier this week, Donald Trump agreed with Chuck Schumer’s plan to attach a debt ceiling increase to a Hurricane Harbey relief bill.

Now Trump is getting compliments from Nancy Pelosi.

Yes, the same Nancy Pelosi who just last month said that Trump “really believes” in the “abhorrent evil of white supremacy” is suddenly singing his praises.

The abrupt about face comes as a result of Trump’s decision to end DACA — another issue Democrats have used to attack the president. And while the House minority leader has criticized Trump’s decision, she also issued this statement in support of his latest tweet:

Weird, right?

But don’t get too excited. Pelosi isn’t boarding the Trump Train any time soon. As of this writing, this is still the tweet pinned to the top of her page:

Now THAT’S the Nancy Pelosi we all know and loathe: A liberal name-calling propaganda machine. She’s just trying to woo the president into supporting her party’s liberal immigration agenda. But Trump probably won’t forget her history of attacks.

He rarely does.

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