Ivanka Just Did What Nobody Expected Inside The Oval Office Leaving Congress Stupefied

President Trump had a very important meeting with some members of Congress, in the Oval Office on Wednesday.

We all know, Trump is very close with his family, especially his children.  And most especially, his daughter, Ivanka.

So it should not have come as a surprise to anyone, when she entered the Oval Office on Wednesday, during the meeting between her father and those Congressional leaders.  They were meeting to discuss  a plan to increase the debt ceiling, prevent a government shutdown and pass a spending package offering aid to victims of Tropical Storm Harvey.

This is very important stuff, for sure.  Ivanka came in near the end of the meeting and, reportedly, some members of Congress became quite “annoyed.”  This is, according to some reporters who learned the information from an aide who allegedly had knowledge of the meeting.

Sounds like a reputable source of information, right?  Hearsay upon hearsay, they call that in the legal world!  And all anonymous to boot!

Here’s what one person tweeted about the “incident:”

If these Congressional leaders were, in fact, actually annoyed, they can just get over it.  Ivanka, in addition to being Trump’s daughter, is on his staff and a very intelligent, capable, articulate woman.  It’s clear Trump values her and her opinions greatly.  If he wants her in his office, then she belongs there.

If you agree, please comment “we love you Ivanka” and share so much she sees it.