PROBLEM SOLVED: Lindsey Graham Just Announced A New Plan For DACA That Trump Loves

Unlike crusty old John McCain, Senator Lindsey Graham has at least been willing to work with President Trump DESPITE their constant battles. Now he has turned up to his time of need and has a plan to fix the DACA situation for good.

Lindsey Graham called on Congress to pass the DREAM Act before the end of September.


Graham said Trump was 100% right to end DACA while still supporting DREAMers. President Trump challenged Congress earlier today to find a way to CONSTITUTIONALLY save the “DREAMers”, and now they are finally taking real action.

Lindsey Graham has since decided to team up with a top Democrat Senator, Dick Durbin, to push a fair and bipartisan solution that will not hinge on a 2-year renewal and an Executive Order from the President.

Now the two have revived the actual DREAM Act, which would grant actual Amnesty to the 800,000 people affected instead of the half-assed DACA protection from Obama. With the President on their side and over 70% of Americans favoring their Constitutional solution, there is a snowball’s chance in Hell this won’t manage to work…Still, Congress does love finding impossible ways to accomplish nothing.

Help get Linsey Graham’s proposal out everywhere and let him and Trump know that we are GLAD America is done with law-breaking.