JUSTICE TIME: Jeff Sessions Has A HUGE Decision On DACA That Will Change Everything

Today is the day that President Trump promised to announce his final decision on DACA, the unconstitutional executive order Obama made to protect Illegal Immigrants who came here as children.

The President was forced to make the judgment by today after several Republican states threatened to sue the White House if it was not repealed. His decision has now been made, but it won’t be Trump delivering it himself.

Instead, the White House released an official statement declaring the decision will be announced by Attorney General Jeff Sessions at 11 AM EDT. It also clearly says NO questions will be answered after the briefing.

While Donal Trump has proactively looked for ways to help the recipients of DACA, he also knows the order cannot stand as is. Some reports even said AG Sessions told Trump he would NOT defend him against lawsuits if he kept DACA in place.

If these children are to be protected, Congress needs to act themselves instead of sitting around doing nothing. The laws are very clear.

Trump promised on the campaign trail to ‘protect’ the DACA children and use “heart” in his judgment. Now he is doing what he is Constitutionally able to by allegedly giving Congress a 6-month period to make a decision before DACA ends.

If you trust that the President, his Attorney General, and the rest of the staff will make the best choice for America, share this out and tune in at 11 AM Eastern Time to see the official announcement.