John Legend Puts Out Music Video Casting Call for White, ‘Out of Shape’ Trump Supporters

Grammy-winning singer and outspoken Donald Trump critic John Legend put out a casting call this week to find actors to play “Trump supporters” in an upcoming music video — and the description of the roles specifically mentions the actors be white and “preferably out of shape.”

According to TMZ, the notice posted on the Los Angeles-based Casting Networks calls for eight white actors, men and women ages 30-65, to play Trump supporters protesting at a rally.

“Preferably out of shape,” reads the casting call obtained by the outlet. “The camera will pass by them as they stand and rally.”

Musician John Legend performs onstage during the “Hillary Clinton: She’s With Us” concert at The Greek Theatre on June 6, 2016 in Los Angeles, California. (Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

In addition to the call for Trump supporters, the music video shoot — apparently scheduled to take place September 8 — is also seeking ten “young and blonde” actors, preferably with “very short hair or short on sides, long on top” to play “white, male protestors.”

The notice also calls for ten black men and women to play Black Lives Matter protesters, and for two female actresses “who are willing to kiss on camera” with the protest scene unfolding in the background, to “show that there is no segregation in love.”

“Casting one Hispanic and one Caucasian,” the call for the actresses reads. “No sexuality or nudity just kissing.”