IT’S OVER: Former Special Agent Just Leaked James Comey’s Deepest Secret & it’s Worse Than Anyone Imagined

Former Intelligence Agent Chris Farrell went on Fox News last night and dropped a BOMBSHELL that could send James Comey to prison.

Farrell told David Asman, who was filling in for Lou Dobbs, that James Comey LIED under oath when he testified before Congress about the Hillary Clinton investigation. Farrell leaked James Comey’s WORST nightmare. (Video Below)

sman asked Chris Farrell if he knowingly lied to Congress about dropping charges against Hillary Clinton. This comes after BOMBSHELL documents released thursday showed Comey to drop charges against Hillary months before making his announcement last July.

Former Special Agent Farrell confirmed that James Comey had already made up his mind to drop charges against Hillary and just held off his announcement to make it seem like there was a real investigation going onFarrell said, He’s in trouble. He’s in grave legal jeopardy.” This would be obvious perjury and it would carry a prison sentence of up to 5 years, and there is VIDEO evidence confirming this. Watch the video then SHARE on Facebook so it goes viral!