Michelle Obama Trashes Melania Trump in Public…. REGRETS IT IMMEDIATELY

Michelle Obama is so self-obsessed that she was convinced Melania Trump would never be as good a First Lady as she was. Michelle went so far as to encourage her minions in the mainstream media to mock Melania in the hopes of making her even more unpopular.

Unfortunately for Michelle, however, her plans to ruin Melania just backfired in a huge way.

Freedom Daily reported that much to Michelle’s dismay, Melania was greeted with cheers from hundreds of supporters on Tuesday when she arrived in Texas to help victims of the hurricane. Michelle never received a greeting like this one, and it shows how grateful the American people are to Melania for taking the time to help them through this tragedy

Things got even worse for Michelle when the latest story she planted to bash Melania completely backfired. When Melania emerged from the White House to fly to Texas on Tuesday, she was widely mocked by the mainstream media for wearing high heeled shoes. However, she silenced these haters when she emerged from Air Force One when the aircraft landed wearing flats, making it clear that she really is in Texas to help with the hurricane recovery efforts.


“It’s sad that we have an active and ongoing natural disaster in Texas, and people are worried about her shoes,” Melania’s spokesperson, Kate Bennett, said on Twitter.